Chimera XII

Art Direction, Publication Design

Ohiopyle Trading Post

Website Redesign, Content Strategy

Alternative Power Sources




Coca-Cola Annual Report

Publication Design

Byers Heavy Haul

Design Collaboration, Front End Development, OpenArc LLC

Design Over Smoke (DOS)


Impact of the Pittsburgh International Auto Show

Branding and custom Iconography



Sergei Isupov

Visiting Artist Event Poster

NASCAR Film Festival

Poster & Movie Cards

OpenArc LLC

Iconograhy & Misc. Marketing Materials

Superbang Cap Gun & Caps

Fictional Rebranding & Packaging

Weapons of Mass Creation

Event Branding Project

The London Underground Design History

Chap Book

Western Civ

Vinyl Fine Art Print

Agway Pittsburgh

UI / UX Design, Information Architecture

American Institute of Architects

Brochure & Order Form

Spontaneous Effort

Conceptual Publication

Weapons of Mass Creation

Event Poster Concept

First Aid Kit

Packaging Concept (WIP)

Ibis Tek

Website Design

Ibis Tek

Various Business Cards

Ibis Tek

Capabilities Booklet

Ibis Sign Managment System

Website Design & Front End Development

Iron City Excavating

Service Truck Lettering

Ben Easler

Racecar Graphics

Ralph Engel

Racecar Graphics

Cale Schwartzmiller

Go Kart Graphics